Music is for everyone.

At Learn Music, we’re excited to help students discover their musical identities and reach their potential, regardless of age or experience.

All of teachers take an individualised and collaborative approach with their students in all parts of the learning process. We teach students with a wide range of experience – from students who are complete beginners and are learning an instrument from scratch, to advanced players seeking further guidance and specialised instruction. Our students range from pre-school age to adults, and our teachers tailor their approaches accordingly.
Furthermore, our teachers are collegial and collaborative with each other. Whilst all teachers cover the fundamentals of their instrument, most teachers have specific stylistic specialisations, and often teachers will work together, sometimes swapping students, to ensure that you’re able to explore a wide range of styles across classical, contemporary, jazz, rock, musical theatre, and beyond.
Between all teachers, there are approximately 150 students enrolled for weekly lessons.

Term Dates 2023:


Term 1: Mon 30 Jan – Thu 06 April

Term 2: Wed 26 April – Fri 23 June

Term 3: Mon 10 July – Fri 15 Sept

Term 4: Mon 02 Oct – Sat 09 Dec

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets.”

—Ludwig van Beethoven